CCSwap Maskbook ITO Guide

CCSwap will have an auction of their token CC on April 23 via Maskbook Initial Twitter Offering (ITO).


  • Place:
  • Auction start time: 04/23/2021 16:00(SGT)
  • Auction end time: 04/24/2021 16:00(SGT)
  • Total offering: 50,000 CC
  • Unit Price per token: $0.7 USD
  • Allocation per wallet: 200 USD
  • Auction Currency: MASK, ETH

What is a MASK ITO (Initial Twitter Offering)?

Mask Network is a protocol that allows its users to send encrypted messages over Twitter and Facebook. They have created the ITO (Initial Twitter Offering), where users can directly participate in the public issuance of tokens on Twitter.

More info about ITOs can be found HERE.

Step by Step Guide on How to Participate in the ITO

Official Guide by Mask:

Step 1: Install the MaskBook browser extension: Make sure that you have the Mask browser extension installed. (You can download and install it here: ). The extension allows your browser to support the ITO function. This is also supported on iOS and Android devices.

Step 2: Create a Mask account and bind your Twitter account: Remember to back up your Mask account. Here is a guide on how to set up a Mask account.

Step 3: Import or bind a wallet: Mask will automatically generate an Ethereum wallet address for you, and we also support binding MetaMask and Walletconnect.

Step 4: Prepare your Mask Tokens for Auction: Make sure you have MASK and enough ETH for transaction fees in your wallet. CCSwap will encrypt the ITO start page in a Tweet. This Tweet will only be visible to users with the Mask extension after the ITO starts.

For any additional questions join:




An innovative decentralized multi-chain AMM trading protocol.

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An innovative decentralized multi-chain AMM trading protocol.

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