CCSwap BSC Mining Guide

4 min readMay 11, 2021


Wallet Setup (You can choose one of the following wallets to proceed)


MetaMask Wallet Setup (for BSC)

  1. Download and install MetaMask via this link:

(If you have a wallet address, you can click “Import wallet”; If not, click “Create a Wallet”.)

2. Once installed, open the wallet and select “Custom RPC”

Type the following contents in the BSC mainnet:

3. After setting up the BSC mainnet, you can deposit to this wallet address or import the existing private key of a BSC wallet address.

Math Wallet

Math Wallet Setup

  1. Visit , download App (here we take Android version as an example).

2. Once installed, create or import BSC wallet address. Assuming that we have CC Token in the BSC wallet, we can click “Import Wallet”.

3. Once you have completed the above steps, your BSC wallet has been imported successfully!

PancakeSwap Staking Guide

  1. Visit PancakeSwap’s official website:

2. Connect to your wallet on PancakeSwap (here we take MetaMask as an example).

3. After connecting to your wallet, add liquidity (here we take CC/BUSD pool as an example).

4. Once added liquidity, go to CCSwap and click “Connect Wallet” for staking.

5. Now you can see your reward under the CC/BUSD trading pair. Can you believe that? Simple operations make a perfect APR! Hope you guys enjoy Genesis Mining. CCSwap is lovely isn’t it! :)




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