Due to the launch of Boosting and the optimization of previous contract, an upcoming contract migration will be conducted at the block height 13030000 on Ethereum, 10051000 on BSC (estimated time: 2021- 08–15 12:00:00 UTC). To protect your assets, please unstake your LP on the both chains. When the previous contract expires, no more mining reward will be minted after those block height. Meanwhile, a new smart contract will be deployed along with liquidity mining, and boosting feature will be available.

Thank you for your cooperation and support to CCSwap!

Fore more actions from CCSwap, please kindly focus on:



CCSwap will start a 7-day genesis mining of the BSC chain on May 11.

The total supply of CC tokens for genesis mining will be 5,000,000.

7 trading pairs including CC/ETH, CC/WBNB, CC/BUSD, CC/CAKE, CC/BUNNY, CC/ ALPACA, CC/XVS, will take a proportion equal to 83% of the total supply.

USDT/BUSD, WBNB/BUSD mining will account for 6%.

In addition, CC, BNB, BTC, BUNNY, ALPACA, XVS, CAKE, LOWB, these 8 single coins’ stake mining will account for 11%.

Users can conduct LP liquidity mining and single token stake mining on CCSwap.




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